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At 360 Degree Health, we empower you to create and sustain health. We help you think bigger and become more resourceful on the transformational journey from sickness to wellness or optimizing any state of health you may find yourself in. We become partners working together to find the most strategic and comprehensive ways to achieve your health goals, always using the most natural and least invasive methods possible. We work with those who want to prevent disease and optimize their health as well as those with complex chronic illness who need support to get and stay well.

At 360 Degree Health,

We believe that our bodies are masterfully designed and innately intelligent.

We support you in learning how to restore the terrain that sustains health and remove the barriers that impede health. We believe that optimal health is not merely the absence of disease but the presence of vitality. The body is capable of healing itself when it is in an optimal state of balance. Our goal is to identify how to restore proper balance so your body can tap into its innate healing mechanisms.

Identifying the Root Cause of Illness

Our goal is to look upstream to identify the root cause of your symptoms, illness, or imbalance. This often requires some medical detective work to investigate all the contributing factors that are creating dis-ease or preventing the body from healing.

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Mold, Biotoxin & Environmental Illness

Common symptoms: chronic fatigue, frequent recurrent infections, shortness of breath, sinus issues, vertigo/dizziness, cramps, tingling, tremors, light/sound sensitivity, body aches, poor word finding, difficulty thinking/poor memory, poor body temperature regulation, headaches

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Detoxification Support

Common symptoms: body odor, inability to sweat, chemical or environmental sensitivities, poor appetite, food cravings, metallic taste in mouth, weight gain, difficulty losing weight, acne, brain fog, chronic fatigue, poor memory/concentration, rashes/histamine intolerance

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Hormone Balance, Weight Loss, Metabolic Health

Common symptoms: weight gain, difficulty losing weight, blood sugar imbalances, thyroid disorders, heavy or irregular periods, hot flashes/night sweats, infertility, low libido, low testosterone, hypertension, fatty liver, adrenal dysfunction

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Digestive Imbalances

Common symptoms: Food sensitivities/allergies, Intestinal permeability “leaky gut”, SIBO, Parasitic infections, Heartburn/indigestion, Bloating/gas, Diarrhea, Constipation, Poor appetite, Food cravings, Gallstones, Acne

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Immune System Support

Common Symptoms: Autoimmunity, Weak or Impaired Immune function, Chronic or frequent infections, Histamine intolerance, Mast cell activation syndrome, Chronic fatigue, Chronic allergies, Rashes/hives, Poor or non-healing wounds, Prolonged recovery from stress/infection, Chronic inflammation, Microbiome (gut) imbalance

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Energy, Mitochonrial Support, Anti-Aging

Common Symptoms: Chronic fatigue, Severe fatigue after activity/exercise, Poor resilience to physical or emotional stress, Easily overstimulated, Cognitive decline, Brain fog, Poor focus/attention, Poor memory/concentration, Sluggishness, Difficulty learning new information, Mood swings, Weakness

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an evidence-based scientific model of care centered upon creating health by treating the whole person rather than an isolated set of symptoms. This approach requires digging deeper and looking upstream to analyze the whole picture—the unique web of interactions between our genetics, environment, biochemistry, physiology, psychology, spirituality and lifestyle that can either foster health or promote illness.

Functional medicine integrates conventional western medicine with what is sometimes known as “integrative” or “alternative” medicine. The focus is on preventing illness and restoring health through lifestyle measures (improving nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep); use of laboratory testing and diagnostic techniques; combinations of medication and/or botanical or nutraceutical supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, and other therapies.

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Meet Heidi Arens, FNP, IFMCP

Hi, my name is Heidi Arens. I’m so glad you are here.

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I am passionate about helping people create and sustain optimal health. My goal is to help investigate and uncover what to add, remove, or further support in order to restore the body’s innate self-healing mechanisms. I focus on building partnerships that allow me to collaborate, guide, coach, educate, and motivate you on your wellness journey. We become partners working together to identify your unique health goals, create a roadmap to achieve them, and have ongoing communication through the peaks and valleys along the way. My aim is to help you think bigger and become more resourceful in finding the solutions you need to live a productive and fulfilled life. I look forward to embarking on this health journey together.


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